Published On: Fri, Jul 9th, 2010

YouTube launches Leanback – Beta Version

YouTube has recently launched a new format of video playback called ‘Leanback’  which is still in its Beta version. Leanback is basically like a TV channel that plays full screen videos according to your preferences and tastes.

The moment you enter the web page of Leanback, a video starts to play in the full screen format. This video is automatically selected according your interest which  again is evaluated based on your youtube browsing pattern, feeds, and channel subscriptions.

To skip to the next video, you have to either wait for the first one to get over or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to browse through the various automatically selected videos. By clicking the ‘down’ arrow, you may watch other channels and categories while the ‘up’ arrow opens up a search box.

Leanback preferably plays back the videos in HD format when available and seems to be a nice alternative to the regular youtube format. However, when we tried it out, we did feel that most of the videos were not HD and appeared to be significantly pixelated and blur in full screen.  Perhaps in the near future with HD content becoming a more common upload format, Leanback  would be an exciting way to watch rich media-on-demand.  Watching Leanback on the big screen living room TVs would perhaps be a big step towards the evolution of the internet-Tv concept. 

To read more about Leanback you may visit the official YouTube Blog.




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