Published On: Sun, Dec 12th, 2010

To Ipad or not to Ipad till the Ipad t(w)o

With rumors that Apple would soon release the Ipad 2 doing rounds, many of us trigger-happy-tech-geeks (or “enthusiasts” if you like) have a huge dilemma to face. Is this the right time to buy an Ipad or would it be better to wait for the Ipad 2?

During the upcoming festive season, people looking forward to buying a tablet pc - be it either an Ipad, a Galaxy Tab or the Playbook now have a reason to have second thoughts.

Expectations related to the Ipad ‘Next Gen’ are huge –  fully loaded with retina screen, two cameras, flash enabled (or not)  to name a few.

iFans (Apple fanboys) faced a similar situation when the first rumors related to the new Iphone 4 started to spread around. 

Whether or not  news related to the Ipad 2 will affect the sales of other devices in its category should soon be evident in the coming days.  





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