Published On: Fri, Jul 30th, 2010

“Scubster” – the Pedal Boat

Came across this nice article by about the new pedal-powered, single person submarine nicknamed the “Scubster”.

According to the article, ” A team of (French) engineers plan to venture where no man has gone before after unveiling a pedal-boat submarine on the French Riviera.

Nicknamed “the Scubster”, the 3.5 meter-long one-man yellow submarine has echoes of the fancy gadgets from fictional spy James Bond.

Powered by twin propellers connected to a pedal belt, the mini-sub can reach speeds of 8 km an hour (5 mph) if its pilot is in good shape, and can reach depths of 6 meters (20 ft).

“I’ve been up in the air by pedaling, underwater with my bike and now underwater with a submarine,” Stephane Rousson, the man behind the invention, told Reuters.

The vessel managed an hour under water in the Mediterranean waters off the Cote d’Azur this week and is entirely controlled by hand or pedal. Hermetically sealed, the passenger breathes with a mask and a bottle of oxygen.”

For more details and photographs read the complete article or visit the mini submarine’s official website – 




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