Published On: Sat, Sep 18th, 2010

Playstation Move gets positive reviews

Playstation Move, now available across vendors including is getting positive reviews and a thumbs up from many gaming pros out there.

According to one such review article by,  ” The tech behind PlayStation Move is what really sets it apart from Nintendo. Because of hardware limitations, the Wii only tracks relative movements (panning left, right, up, down) and pointing at objects on the screen – adding Wii Motion Plus allows the system to pick up orientation as well. But Sony’s combination of wireless controllers and a video camera allows for near 1:1 movement within a 3-D space. While gripping a Move controller, your on-screen sword, magic wand, or ping pong paddle will match your every contortion. Roll your wrists, lunge at the camera – Move will keep up with almost zero lag.”

The article also reviews some of the games presently available for the Move including ‘sports champion’ that comes for free as part of the Move Bundle. The review of the game is again a positive one. 

The article, however does point out a few limitations of the Move and mentions that “..while Sony has nailed the feeling of motion-controls, the illusion falls apart if the camera ever loses sight of a controller. This won’t be a problem for most people, since games don’t ask you to do any behind-the-back tricks. But gamers with small living rooms may want to look elsewhere. Sony recommends you stand eight feet away from the camera. Any closer and you’ll quickly fall out of frame.”

Another video review by is a nice and detailed one and also revolves around reviewing the ’sports champion’ game.

The overall initial reviews of Move are quite promising thanks to accurate controller response, minimal lag time and the entertaining games. However, PS Move is yet to face its biggest rival yet – the Microsoft Kinect which is all set to be launched very soon. That’s when the 3D gaming market competition is going to get hot!

Here is the official trailer of the Playstation Move

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