Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2013

IOS 7 – Review

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Hi, I’m 7, IOS 7.

The latest and perhaps the most radically changed version of IOS is now available for download and the file size is just about 750 MB. It can be up and running and ready to use within 20 minutes of pressing the update button (on a decent speed wifi).

Almost all aspects have been redesigned right from the home screen to the overall usability of the software. Perhaps the most useful and interesting changes are as follows:

1. The overall look and feel of the of the IOS 7 is great. The app icons look far more aesthetic than the previous versions and the usability also is seamless with overall scrolling and moving around from app to app being a breeze.

2. The swipe up control centre seems to be very useful. You can instantly access all the important controls including the volume/mute, screen rotation, flash light, calculator, camera, music player, timer, airplane mode , bluetooth and wifi all with a swiping motion that even works from the lock screen. We found this feature to be extremely useful.

3. The swipe down notification centre is also completely redesigned and gives you an over all picture of all your notifications, schedule and reminders in one place. So it’s pretty easy to stay updated with the important things.

4. The new camera looks good too. It has quite a bit of changes like live filter application to photos and easy to access ‘square’ and ‘pano’ option.

5. Screenshots of apps that are open and running in the background can be quickly viewed by double clicking the start button and can be closed by a simple swipe up motion on the screenshot.

6. Searching the phone is now easier and the search box can easily be accessed from any page on the homescreen by just swiping on the app icons downwards. This seems to be easier than scrolling all the way back to the first page like in the previous versions.

Overall the changes are pretty neat and do make using your i devices more fun to use and it is highly recommended that if you still haven’t downloaded it yet, do it at at the earliest chance you get!




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