Published On: Thu, Sep 16th, 2010

‘Halo: Reach’ – Record breaking launch


OK you can stop playing Call of Duty for sometime now – Halo: Reach is here. 

In the very first day of its release, Halo: Reach has broken quite a few records. Firstly, according to an official press release, Halo: Reach has raked in over $ 200 million in sales on the first day itself – the highest  by any game ever released by the company.

According to another article, the game has also broken the record for having the most number of players taking part in online an online game.

According to, the key features of this new blockbuster game include:

  • Live the events that set the stage for the Halo trilogy as the UNSC and Covenant clash at the height of their military power
  • Utilize new weapons and abilities that complement the familiar Halo arsenal for the largest-scale battles ever witnessed in the Halo universe
  • For the first time in the Halo series, fight alongside a squad of iconic Spartan soldiers, each with deadly talents as unique as their individual personalities and customized gear
  • Expands on the suite of features found in Halo 3, including four-player cooperative campaign play, splitscreen support, saved films, screenshots, and exciting new surprises
  • Fiercely cunning artificial intelligence adds depth and complexity to each encounter, helping make every playthrough a unique and epic experience
  • Take the battle online with an unparalleled multiplayer experience*
  • Initial reviews of the game seem to be exremely positive with many reviewers giving it a 10 on 10 rating. Perhaps the only time Halo:Reach will get some fierce competetion is when the latest version of Call of Duty - ’Black Ops’  gets released.

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