Published On: Tue, Apr 29th, 2014

Google’s Self driving cars get smarter than ever

Google self driving car lexusAccording to a new update from the official blog, Google’s self driving cars have logged in thousands of miles over the past two years in the city of  Mountain View and are constantly evolving to become smarter and highly advanced. After a successful run on the freeways, the next challenge for these ‘cars of the future’  is to be extremely safe and predictable on congested city roads which can usually consist of a large number of  obstacles.

The new Google Cars seem to be much safer and loaded with advanced sensors/software that can identify and  understand behaviour of various obstacles on the city road. For example, these cars can now not only identify a cyclist on the road but can even understand  hand gestures and  yield to the bicyclist if required!

The video on the official blog describes just how well the software of  the present day Google Cars have evolved and have come a long way from their initial days!






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