Published On: Sat, Oct 16th, 2010

Google Tv gets companions from Logitech and Sony

Google TV seems to be getting popular! Two biggies – Sony and Logitech both have launched gadgets that are designed and built around technology created by Google TV.

While Logitech has launched ‘Revue’ – a set-top-box-like device which converts regular television sets into Internet enabled ones, Sony has announced TVs and Blu-Ray players which are inherently Internet enabled. All these devices are powered by Google TV.

Revue :

Simply put, Logitech’s Revue consists of a companion (set-top) box and a giant wireless remote control that is designed in the form of a keyboard.

The Revue connects to the TV through the companion box which in turn gets connected to the Internet (wired or wireless). Once the connections are made, the TV effectively gets converted into an Internet enabled one (Via the Revue).

Many other devices including video cameras and regular satellite boxes can also be plugged into the Revue which acts as a relay center and connects all these devices with each and to the Internet.

The Keyboard connects to the Revue wirelessly and enables one to control all the media right from the couch. The Revue also comes with a web camera that gets mounted on the Tv for making some high quality video calls right from the living room.

Here is the official trailer of the Revue:

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Sony Internet TVs

Sony on the other hand has launched television sets that have an inbuilt capability of connecting to the Internet and are powered by Google TV. Very recently, Sony has also announced Blu-Ray players that are Internet enabled and again built on the Google TV platform.

With numerous buttons and a built-in mini-keyboard, the remote contols of these revolutionary TVs look and feel completely different from your regular next-door-remote-control.




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