Published On: Sun, Nov 7th, 2010

Designer 3-D glasses by CK, Oakley and Gucci

Each of the three leading optical giants – Gucci, Oakley and CK  have created and showcased stylish 3D sunglasses which are expected to be released very soon

The shades, designed to look like regular designer sunglasses are fitted with 3D lenses and have a visual appeal that  the regular dorky-looking 3D glasses usually lack.  

The price range of $150 – $300, however, is something that is sure to put off a lot of potential customers. Not many would like to spend their hard earned cash on designer sunglasses that  can’t be worn out in the sun.

The 3D glasses by CK, however, are created in collaboration with Marchon 3D and are certified by RealD. CK  also claims that their 3D glasses use a patented technology that enables them to auto-transition from indoor 3D to regular outdoor UV protected sunglasses.




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