Published On: Sun, Oct 17th, 2010

Cut the rope – New Ipad game by Chillingo

From the creators of the hugely popular Ipad game ‘Angry Birds’ comes another highly addictive and creative game called ‘Cut the Rope’. 

Angry Birds by Chillingo has managed to hold on to its rank as the most downloaded Ipad paid game ever since its launch some time back.

Now, with the release of  ‘Cut the Rope’  Chillingo is already on the path of breaking a few more records.  Download of the paid version of the game has reportedly crossed the 1 million mark in less than 10 days of its release.  

Cut the rope is available for download both as a free trial and a paid version for complete access to all the levels.

The theme of the  game revolves around different ‘boxes’ or levels and each box consists of a little green hungry frog yearning for a candy that hangs above it by multiple ropes. 

Your agenda as the game player is to feed the candy to the frog by cutting the ropes at the right time and the right place.

The game starts off with easy levels and as it progresses, a whole lot of new characters ( including hungry candy munching spiders ) enter the scenario and make the game much more challenging and interesting. 

The game is an addicitive one and has the potential to  keep you entertained  for quite some time at a stretch. If you liked ’Angry Birds’, then ‘Cut the Rope’ is highly recommended for download.




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