Published On: Sun, Aug 8th, 2010

China’s 3D Express Coach – Huge bus that drives over cars

Big problems require big solutions and the ever-growing population and road congestion is amongst one of the biggest of problems of the modern world. Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment, a Chinese company has devised an ingenious way to ease our daily traffic woes.

The company has released designs of its latest and innovative project - the 3D express Coach – a whole new public transport system that consists of huge 3D coach/buses that can drive over cars that are already on the road and elevated bus stops that these buses can ‘latch’ onto.

The buses themselves are more like vehicles on stilts that can walk (drive) over everything below them.

For more details, visit which has a nice description of the project or visit the offiical website  of the company.




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