Published On: Sun, Mar 2nd, 2014

5 insanely cool kickstarter projects we’d love to get our hands on

The Dash - In Ear Headphones

Here are 5 amazing kickstarter projects that are so cool that they are definitely worth backing or pre-ordering:

1. Ring: Shortcut to everything

A stylish looking ring that can be used to control lots of things by just using finger gestures!

2. The Dash : Wireless smart In ear headphones

These cool, completely wireless and waterproof in-ear headphones can do tons of other cool stuff ( like measure your vital stats ) apart from streaming high quality music

3. Fuel 3D: A handheld 3D scanner:

Compact, high resolution 3D scanner that lets you create 3D models of anything you desire:

4. Structure Sensor: Caputure the world in 3D:

Another amazing 3D scanner specially designed for the iPad which can be used to scan entire rooms and also play augmented reality games.

5. PowerUp 3.0 : Smartphone controlled paper airplane




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